Sikh Wedding Dance- An ice breaker in beginning new life!


Sikh wedding dance is one of the most beautiful way to express their love, show their gratitude and give respect to their religious ties. The wedding dance does not only signify the culture, tradition and values but put all the difference in opinion about the community which has seen a lot of cross culture influences.

Since, earlier it was all about giddha-a dance form in which girls use to participate while Bhangra carrying the male bastion in which primarily the male dominated the dance form, with also women being a part of it. Now, talking about the influences of Bollywood much of the ceremony related to Sikh marriage in which the person goes all out to get the most out of the beautiful wedding day.

None of the wedding can be said to be without dance and songs, one can say that as the wedding is solemnized it all starts with bachelor party on both ends that is groom and bride which turns out to be one of the best ways to get near to each other. The sangeet ceremony precedes over the bachelor party which is a day to remember and then it takes only the beautiful song and dance routine to follow from the day of marriage to many other days which carries on with family ties getting stronger.

After, completing Anand Karaj, which is the traditional ritual of marriage it takes most of the time to serve the guest and also help through various ceremonies at Gurudwara Sahib. Now, comes the occasion of showing love and respect towards each other which is done by bride and groom and it is done in a rather private ceremony with few guests invited along with the DJ which either plays soft music or loud ones with peppy beats to enthrall the duo. It is one of the primary dance forms which is catching up and it takes a lot of fun and chutzpah thus making the grand marriage a success.

In this way one could say that it is a community which has been very near to each other and also follows its tradition with aplomb and thus it helps them to rise over obstacles and be cheerful most of the time. The dance and song routines not only give an opportunity to get most out of the tiredness which engulfs as it reenergizes but also help to come closer to each other and break that much needed ice or one could say turns out to be the right ice-breaker.