Hindu Wedding Custom Affair to Tie A Sacred Nuptial Knot

Hindu wedding ceremony is a sacred affair to tie a nuptial knot of the matchmaking couple. Hindu marriage is not a single day affair this is a lifetime companionship of the bride and grooms. Marriage is not only a relationship between the couple, but also two families belong from the same caste and religion. Hindu matrimony is a collection of the religious custom and traditions to unite bride and groom in a holy relationship. Hindu religion is the essence of religious and cultural beliefs that are found in their all big occasions as the very first idea came from festive occasion and second is about matrimonial ceremonies. Hindu marriage custom and traditions are performed to seek blessings of their God and ancestors. Hindu bride and groom find a big space for the very first custom to the real wedding day ceremony. These customs and traditions are exclusively joyful moments for both families. Let’s take a look at complete Hindu wedding ceremony.   

Hindu Wedding Costume   

Wedding ceremony is the most fantastic special day when the bride and groom want to make it wonderful. The houses are decorated with fresh flowers, colorful lanterns and more. It is the day of celebration for both families to make it memorable forever. Hindu bride simply comes in red color embroidered lehenga along with custom jewelry. Hindu groom wears traditional sherwani according to his color preference.


Hindu Wedding Custom and Rituals 

Hindu matrimony custom and rituals begin from the very first day to celebrate its every moment. The custom and traditions are the significance of cultural and religious beliefs. Hindu wedding custom and traditions are different from region to region in its wedding ceremonies celebrations.  

Vara Satkaarah: Vara satkarah is the biggest traditional welcome of the groom and procession at the entrance door. The groom’s welcome is done by tilak after rivand cut ceremony. 

Varmala: Varmala ceremony is the second step to exchange fresh floral garlands between bride and groom. This is a first step took by a couple towards their marriage process.  

Kanya Dan: Kanyadan is a great charity that is given by the bride’s father when priest is reciting holy mantra and the father of the bride handovers his daughter in the hand of groom forever. 

Saptapadi: This is a holy sacrament bride and groom takes seven rounds around the holy fire. It is a final step took by the couple. When the priest recites a mantra and wedding vows to signify their responsibilities towards each other.

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